Reiki can help  with both physical as well as emotional healing.

Reiki is also a great way to just 'pamper yourself' &  give yourself a little 'time out'.  

Reiki may help:

Manage and reduce stress & anxiety

Manage and overcome insomnia

Heal and deal with emotional trauma

Optimise immunity

Enhance recovery from illness or surgery

Assist pain management

Support positive choices encouraging self improvement

Improve mental clarity and focus.

Increase creativity

Enhance vitality

Reiki could be described as 'assisted meditation'

Reiki reduces imbalances within the self, both emotional and physical and therefore helps create the optimum conditions that initiate your body and mind to function at their best.

Reiki is used in many situations & a variety of venues around the world including complementary therapy centres, homes & private practices,  hospitals and hospices, GP surgeries,  rehabilitation centres, salons and private clinics. 

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