Reiki Treatment

Reiki is a gentle, non invasive therapy,  given with the client lying on a treatment couch or seated.   Treatments are in a relaxed setting &  you will remain fully clothed  (other than shoes).  Hands are placed on,  or just above the body and each hand placement lasts typically for 3 -10 minutes.

Hand placements are always non intrusive and may move through, a  sequence of positions, or  intuitively.  Western techniques tend to use specific placements and Japanese techniques are a more free-flowing  style  where a position or positions are linked to where energy or intuition draws the practitioner.  Each method gives the full benefit of treatment, which aims to treat the whole person.

Reiki is not a diagnostic tool & practitioners, although may be drawn to a particular area or areas, are not able to diagnose illness.   The treatment is not manipulative.  No pressure is applied.

You are likely to  feel a deep sense of relaxation during treatment  and some will feel heat, cool or perhaps tingling close to where hands are placed.   These sensations may continue  long after the treatment has ended.

Your practitioner will consult with you prior to your treatment to establish any particular requirements and to discuss a  treatment plan which will  be tailored to suit your own preferences and can be reviewed and altered as necessary.

After a treatment, it is advisable to take a few moments to ground yourself & continue to drink plenty of water. 

A reduction in stress and a feeling of inner stillness may stay with you for sometime, even after just one treatment.

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