Okuden Level 2 Course

Reiki 2 is for those who have completed Reiki 1 Have used Reiki on themselves and others for a length of time & wish to renew and deepen their commitment to Reiki & may wish to practise professionally.    Course duration: 1 Full day  (9.45am - 4.45 / 5.00pm)

Course content:

Start the day with a ‘Tea for Tao’ to focus on the day ahead & discuss the Reiki precepts (Principles).

Review the history of Reiki & have a quick refresher of what Reiki is and how it works pus the opportunity to discuss your own experiences of Reiki.

Meditation and other techniques such as hatsurei ho including the opportunity to practice.

A Reiju (Japanese blessing) -  A powerful cleansing & healing ritual that enables energy to flow more freely.

Attunements are received and 3 symbols and mantras taught, discussed and practiced.

Detail of the symbols and how they help enable you to focus healing intent (Including distant healing).

Reiki Practice - including ‘Boyosen Reikan Ho’ (before illness intuition method ) / Scanning & Reiji ho (Inner intuition / spiritual guidance method).

Observing principles and etiquette when healing others.

Having received the second degree of Reiki, you are then able to practice as a professional - and therefore charge for healing.    Advice is offered is offered on:

Setting up a practice and includes;


Record keeping

Client Information forms

Client confidentiality

Customer advice following treatment.

Certification and Lineage:

Your Certificate is awarded upon successful completion of the course.
A comprehensive manual is provided for your use during and after the course and will include your Reiki lineage, traced back to Dr. Usui. Post- Course Support is also available.

Total Cost for Reiki 2:

For individual tuition the full course price is £150.  A deposit of £50 is payable at time of booking, balance payable on the day of course.   The price is reduced to £130 per person for two or 3 persons when booking together.   Three is my maximum group size to ensure you receive the required attention.

When there are two or three students the day is a slightly longer than for individual tuition.

The price is inclusive of manual, certificate and light refreshments.

To book - please confirm a date with me via phone or e mail &  then use the below link once confirmed, to pay your deposit. 

  *Balance payable on day of course*          check out events at www.aum2zen.co.uk for pre booked workshops at special rates.

Reiki 2 Workshop Deposit

£ 50 

Congratulations - you have now booked your Reiki 2 workshop.

Once booked please pay deposit within 5 working days of booking confirmation or your place will not be guaranteed to be held.

If two or three persons have booked to attend the same course a deposit of £50 per attendee will be required to secure each place & the discounted rate.

I look forward to seeing you


*Once booked and paid deposits are non refundable.*