Equine Reiki
Equine Reiki

Reiki can help maintain your Pony or horses health. It is a fabulous complementary therapy  that can accompany conventional & alternative therapies extremely well.  Reiki can help with emotional & behavioral issues as well as physical healing.

Equine reiki is offered in a gentle and flexible manner that allows your horse to accept the treatment in a way that suits its needs.

Horses are very sensitive to energy and may indicate to a practitioner how the session will proceed.  Some horses love hands on treatment and sometimes it is preferred from a short distance. This can vary from horse to horse and session to session.

Equine Reiki is not yet seen in a huge number of veterinary practices but, is continuing to become more and more popular as a complementary therapy.  All that is required is verbal vets permission. 

As a note of interest - I completed my Equine Reiki training alongside a retired vet of  17 years whom had seen many examples of how helpful Reiki can be to horses and therefore wished to continue with equine reiki after retirement.  His enthusiasm for this therapy was passionate and very clearly evidence of how quickly equine reiki is becoming a popular complementary healing method.

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