Rei  (Universal /Spiritual)
Ki (Energy)
A gentle technique that can initiate deep mental and physical relaxation.
As a result Reiki can accelerate healing of body, mind and spirit.

Who is Reiki For?


The energy within and around us is known as 'Ki' in Japan, 'Chi' in China and 'prana' in India. It is not part of any religion or belief system. Reiki is a healing & maintenance system often  used as a complementary therapy. Reiki helps balance this 'ki' (energy) within and around the body assisting on a physical, psychological, emotional & spiritual level.

Be aware of how life pressures, can create chronic stress, anxiety & how these upleasant issues in themselves can further trigger biochemical reactions resulting in physical and emotional imbalance.

Reiki and meditation can enable & empower individuals to manage lifes ups and downs and provide improved conditions for optimum physical and emotional health, balance and general wellbeing.

A Little Background

Reiki (Pronounced 'Rey-Kee') is a form of ancient Eastern energy therapy that has been around for hundreds of years. It was reintroduced in the early 1900's in this particular style by a Japanese Buddhist monk, Mikao Usui. During Usui's life he is very likely to have studied various eastern energy cultivation practices (Such as Chi Gung / Kiko) and others.  He was also thought to have become a Tendai Buddhist at some point in his life  and was also linked to Shintoism.  It is exceptionally likely that much of his system of healing comes from a combination of methods based on his experience and knowledge.

Since this time 'Reiki' as it is now known, has spread far and wide and is now used as a complementary therapy in many settings worldwide including therapy centres, hospitals and hospices.

What does it do?

Reiki harnesses the energy that is within and all around us to help create the conditions that initiate optimum health.  At our best, energy is flowing freely, but negative thought patterns and worries, anger, illness etc can all intrude and cause blockages.  for our mind and body to function optimaly we require energy to flow unhindered by these negative intrusions. Reiki helps to balance the flow of energy clearing blockages and initiates deep relaxation helping us to optimise our wellbeing. 

 A versatile healing system that can benefit physical health and emotional well-being. Reiki could be described as 'assisted meditation' as it effects similar positive results such as deep relaxation & stress reduction which in turn increases the bodies own natural healing abilities improving sleep patterns and  helping you to maintain optumum health.

Why Reiki

Reiki is used in many situations today.  It is best known for stress reduction, which, itself may assist with a number of common problems such as anxiety, insomnia, emotional trauma, aches pains & fatigue for example.   

Stress is known to cause physical & emotional symptoms which inhibit  the natural immune response & healing process. (Have you ever noticed how you are more susceptible to colds and other nasty viruses etc when you're stressed and run down)?  Reiki can help optimise our immune functions making us more resilient to not only stress and our emotional state, but the resulting physical issues that can sometimes follow.  

Reiki is also a wonderful method for self improvement as it can assist with mental clarity & help with some memory problems, many of which are stress related.  (A hyperactive mind is no fun!).

 Reiki may also help invite a positive attitude and gradually release negative thought patterns.

This gentle therapy can assist in supporting  & maintaining health, enhance the ability to cope calmly with life's ups and downs & also encourage positive choices, help balance emotions and introduce perspective.  

Reiki is a complementary practice and will enhance both orthodox and alternative treatments.

There are no unpleasant side effects with reiki.

Stress is known to be a cause of many ailments and is a major cause of long term sickness absence from work.

Reiki is one way to help manage stress and to help   heal physical injury and illness.

I am available for reiki therapy, group talks and taster sessions.

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