Sue Gwynne.  
Qualified & experienced reiki teacher (Master).

Available by appointmet
Tuesdau - Saturdays


I adhere to a strict code of ethics and as such have requested permision from each individual customer prior to inclusion of their testamonial.
''Ok so just had a lady here to do reiki on my hip and back - chaps I have to say if your in pain contact this lady!!!! blimey!!!! I dont know if the fact she does equine reiki helped her heal me but I am seriously not in pain now - amazing!'
' Alison - Bluntisham.

 ''I had another wonderful treatment - I truly have never felt so focused in my writing, still feeling the positive and inspiring effects. Thank you again Sue''
Dee - Hertfordshire
''I am already a level 2 practitioner, but as my experience is limited I wanted to take a refresher course. Sue and Zen Reiki were just the ticket. Had an amazing couple of days with Sue, she is very knowledgeable and did give me plenty of new ideas of how best to work with reiki and other such forms of healing energy. Can highly recommend her as a teacher and as a Reiki therapist''.
Louise - Doddington.
''Thank you Sue What a fantastic hour (and I must admit the hour went very quickly). As you know I have to take some very aggresive and toxic drugs, which have some very debilitaing side effects, but after the hours Reiki session with you, the joint pains and pulled muscles reduced considerably over the next few days when they have previously taken weeks, months and even upto a year to get better. There are many medical conditions and illnesses such as cancers which you have no option but to take traditional medicine. These treatments can be hard to live with and often make you feel worse than the original illness. I cannot think of a more peacefull, gentle, relaxing and holistic way of combatting these side effects than Reiki. Its a relief to know there is a better option than popping more pills to combat the side effects of the original drugs which then have side effects of thier own. Amazing''
Apryl - Somersham.
''ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Sue also teaches reiki, I was lucky enough to take my level 2 with her. Sue is very calm and an amazing teacher. I cannot recomend her highly enough. If you want to learn then give Sue a ring. Her passion is totally contagious. She knows so much about the subject and she is keen to learn more and try new things. I left the day totally zenned out and floated home in a happy cloud! Thank you Sue. looking forward to doing my level 3 with you.''
Marie - Chatteris

I practice and teach Usui Reiki Ryoho. A traditional form of Japanese Reiki. I practice from home and as a mobile therapist.  I also speak on the subject and additionally on meditation and stress management.

I research into the related history & wisdom to connect more closely with the origins of not just Reiki but many of the related eastern practices that this ancient healing system has grown from. 

My background is science based and so it is within my nature to seek information on an ongoing basis. Study also reminds me that there is always more to learn. 

By researching I am on the path to understand more about this ancient technique.  By delving into some of the eastern knowledge and methods of energy cultivation & healing practices that are associated with Reiki we start to understand not only the origins & philosophies but the deep rooted connections to many of the complex eastern cultures. 

There is still much of this gift to unwrap. I Practice eastern energy techniques daily (including many of the meditative energy focused methods so closely linked to Reiki).

The more I research and practice both Reiki and related energy techniques, and even the Japanese text (Kanji) to help uncover the core meanings the more I start to comprehend the complex ancient wisdoms and the fundamental basics of this technique. 

A focused mind (Seishin Toitsu) is a huge part of many eastern arts including many martial arts, Calligrgraphy, healing practices and even the Japanese Tea Ceremony! Reiki is no exception.   


I Work mainlyfrom  'The Zen Den' therapy Room in Chatteris.

I  have worked in Rural Bulgaria and in meditation centres (including Manjushri in Ulverston)  which have been extremely inspiring and have helped to expand both  my experience &  knowledge.

Stress is known to be a cause of many ailments and is a major cause of long term sickness absence from work.

Reiki is one way to help manage stress and to help   heal physical injury and illness.

I am available for reiki therapy, group talks and taster sessions.

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